The Pro Shop

In a bold initiative, the Parow Golf Club took over its Pro Shop when the long-term lease with it’s PGA Professional expired in December 2010. Now falling under the control of the General Manager and his staff, the shop was refitted, modernized and revamped, with the emphasis being placed on providing essentials such as golf-balls, gloves, tees,caps, shirts and shoes and other personal requirements. No other golfing equipment is stocked for the time being, but future requirements will dictate future business practice.

The Club also negotiated a contract with E-Z-GO for the lease of a fleet of 25 spanking new golf carts which are proving extremely popular and are being rented out at rates which are more than acceptable to members and visitors. A deal was also struck with a Company specializing in pull cart rental whereby a stock of 20 carts was obtained, neatly stacked in an automatic dispenser outside the building and which are being rented out to members and visitors alike at R 50 per time. These are of a new design, and the bag of clubs rests on the retaining struts without any straps holding it down . A joy to tow and proving very popular, the income is shared with the supplying company, meaning that no capital outlay was necessary. Having no resident Professional does not mean Parow is without the services of a golf Pro. The Club has negotiated arrangements with well-known PGA member Peeter Muna a legendary teaching Pro’s in Cape Town to make his services available to any member or visitor who wants lessons.Their contact details are available in the Pro-Shop.