Membership Fees


The membership fees for 2019 are as listed below. For any further clarification please contact the Office during working hours (08h00 to 17h00 during the week and from 08h00 to 12h00 on weekends). Telephone number 021 930 2160.

CATEGORY               FEE                 AFF                 CARD FEE                  TOTAL

Full Member               R4,800             R535                R165                            R5,500

6 Day Member            R3,930             R535                R165                            R4,630

5 Day Member            R2,700             R535                R165                            R3,400

Society Member         R950                R535                R165                            R1.650

Senior Member          R2.400             R535                R165                            R3,100

Sen Found Member   R1,600             R535               R165                           R2,180

Foundation Member R3,200             R535               R165                           R3,710

Under 25 Member     R1,430             R535              R165                           R2,020

Under 35 Member     R2,740             R535               R165                           R3,270

Scholar Member         R   135                                   R165                           R   300

Country Member       R   700                                                                         R   700

Social Member           R   320                                                                         R   320

Ex Officio Member                             R535              R165                           R   700

Hon Member (If handicapped)         R535               R165                           R  700

Life Member  (if handicapped)          R535               R165                           R   700